Sustainability News Roundup- April 2017

24-04-2017 Matthew Drane

Sustainability News Roundup 
March 2017

Here's a roundup of articles looking at sustainable product design and the exciting innovation it is delivering

Sustainable product design – in pictures
The Guardian: Sustainable design makes most sense through examples so The Guardian put together a gallery of inspiring examples of recent, everyday design. These examples begin to explain the breadth and potential of design for sustainability
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We should design businesses like circles, not straight lines
Quartz:  Circular design represents a massive business opportunity. The transformation of the way we produce and use goods is one of the great design challenges of our time. The old paradigm of design, launch, dispose is dead.
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Sustainability is 'the ultimate design brief'
The Guardian: Design will be the key feature in the next wave of sustainability.  How things are designed can have significant implications for sustainability. So design really does matter, not only in how we shape and order our world, but also in determining our impact on it
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Adidas is getting serious about making trainers from ocean waste
Business Insider: Adidas is getting serious about its sustainability initiatives and showing that going green doesn't have to make customers blue.
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Dell delivers tech industry's first ocean plastic packaging
Edie: Computer firm Dell has achieved a new first for the technology industry, after converting waste plastic found on beaches and in waterways into new packaging for one of its laptop products
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What it takes to design products for the circular economy
GreenBiz: A circular economy is designed to feed back into itself: A product of long-lasting quality is placed into the market; the byproducts from its manufacturing are repurposed; and the retired product is reused as much as it possibly can. This rebuilds capital and enhances the flow of goods and services, while bringing a manufacturer as close as possible to a zero-waste goal.
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How re-thinking the business model for cleaning products can influence design
Ellen MacArthur Foundation: Angus Grahame set up Splosh in 2012 with the idea that there must be an opportunity to sell household cleaning products outside of the supermarkets using a ‘one time sale’ model. Splosh sells customers a one-off ‘starter box’, containing a range of simply designed bottles. A sachet of concentrated liquid is added to the bottle with warm tap water to create cleaning products.
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