Universities 2020 carbon reduction targets:

University 2020 carbon targets: progress report

This is our second progress report on carbon performance of HEFCE funded universities. Our research shows that whilst some universities have achieved outstanding carbon reductions to date and most have improved efficiency, our analysis shows that the sector has fallen further behind it's target of 43% by 2020.

Independent Sector and University Analysis
The report for the 2013/14 academic year provides robust, impartial analysis of the performance of the higher education sector against sector carbon emissions targets for 2020.

Our analysis looks in detail at emissions trends since 2005, including absolute emissions, performance against target, and emissions forecasts out to 2020. We have once again compiled performance tables to compare performance of each institution.

“The findings in the latest Brite Green report outline the dilemma the university sector 
faces in meeting their carbon reduction targets whilst driving commercial growth.
An independent light being shone on us may be uncomfortable but it’s vital.
Iain Patton, CEO EAUC

In addition to the sector analysis, we have analysed each university in detail and reports for each institution are available. These reports are designed to provide institutions with useful management information and we encourage institutions to request their free report.

Download a detailed report for your institution.

Download the latest sector carbon performance report.

Download the emissions performance tables for 2014/15.

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