Manage: Transition to the new ISO 14001 standard

Brite Green - transition to the new EMS standard ISO 14001 2015

ISO 14001, the most widely used environmental management system standard received a major facelift in 2015. The update has introduced some new requirements for businesses and Brite Green can help you smoothly transition to the new standard and get the most from your system at the same time.

The changes
ISO 14001:2015 was published in September 2015 giving companies a maximum of three years to transition to the new standard. Any organisations seeking a new certification and those whose certification expires before September 2018 will need to work with the new standard before then, and so we’ve developed a simple process to help organisations transition smoothly.

A suite of changes has been introduced in the 2015 standard which support a more strategic approach in environmental management, including four key themes:

  • Greater leadership accountability
  • Increased importance of wider business context, including core strategy
  • Consideration of whole-life impacts, including supply chain and the product use and end-of-life stages, and
  • Expansion of focus to include both risk and opportunities

The structure has been revised to align with all new and revised ISO management system standards and there have been changes in the documentation requirements.

You can read more about the detail of the changes to the standard in our management system blog series.

Transition support
Organisations that are already certified to ISO 14001:2004 have up to three years to move over to the new standard, but many will have to transition before then as their certifications lapse.

Our EMS experts are on hand to help you achieve a smooth transition. We will help you to:

  • Identify gaps: review your existing management system processes and identify the areas that need to be added or updated
  • Plan the update: set out any actions that might be needed to meet the new 2015 standard.
  • Get up to speed: provide training on the new standard to you and your team
  • Provide support: we can provide hands on support to deliver all the required changes, as well as providing internal audit and management review services
  • Support certification: support you before and during the certification audit

To find out more about how we can help you transition to ISO 14001:2015, get in touch with the team:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel: 0203 393 6777

About Brite Green
Brite Green is an award winning sustainability consultancy. We work with companies of all sizes to improve business performance through better environmental and sustainability practices.

We have a dedicated EMS team who can help you design and maintain your system, complete internal audits and support you through the external audit process.

Our team are qualified Lead Environmental Management System auditors and undertake certification audits for ACAS registered certification bodies.