Mike Minch-Dixon

Senior Consultant

Michael is a senior associate consultant at Brite Green. His main areas of expertise lie in innovation and value creation through sustainability, especially in the food industry.

Michael started his career as a consultant at Brite Green before taking up a corporate sustainability role for a leading renewable energy company, where he worked on a range of internal and external sustainability challenges. He has particular experience in product sustainability, embedding environmental and social processes into businesses and in energy policy. Michael re-joined Brite Green in 2014.

Michael has a particular passion for sustainability in the food industry, especially in creating value through new business models. He co-founded Snact in 2013, a social enterprise that tackles the causes of food waste and food poverty. He is also a founding member of the Food Surplus Entrepreneur Network, a Pan-European initiative looking to accelerate food waste reduction solutions.

Michael holds an MSc in Environmental Technology from Imperial and a BSc in Economics from University of Kent.