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Brite Green signs the SDG Accord: The global initiative embedding sustainability in higher education

Brite Green signs the SDG Accord: The global initiative embedding sustainability in higher education

Brite Green has signed the SDG Accord, a global initiative aiming to embed the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in higher education.The SDG Accord is the university and college sectors collective response to the SDGs. It aims to inspire, celebrate and advance the embedding of the goals in institutions through education, research, leadership, operations, administration and engagement activities.

The purpose of the SDG Accord is twofold:

  1. First it is to inspire, celebrate and advance the critical role that education has in delivering the SDGsand the value it brings to governments, business and wider society.
  1. Secondly, the Accord is a commitment learning institutions are making to one another to do more to deliver the goals, to annually report on each signatory's progress, and to do so in ways which share the learning with each other both nationally and internationally. An objective is that sector SDG reporting metrics will be presented at the annual UN High Level Political Forum.

Universities will have a critical role to play in realising the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on their campuses and in their communities. The 17 goals present the higher-education sector a powerful agenda for thinking about the impact they can have through their research, their curriculums and in their operations. Integrating the SDGs provides universities the opportunity to further their sustainability efforts and maximise their impact.

Iain Patton, Chief Executive of the Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges (EAUC), commented: “This is a huge step in the right direction to better show the world the value of universities, colleges and students. The education institutes responsible for moulding the minds of the next generation of leaders and change agents are accepting a central role in ending some of the most critical global challenges. We are collectively saying we will do everything in our power to address issues like gender inequality, poverty, hunger, lack of education, affordable energy, climate change, peace and resilience.”

Brite Green is pleased to be support the higher education sector in its efforts to embed the sustainable development goals. Our annual University Carbon Report provides university management with insights and practical tools on carbon management.  This year’s report also identified integrating the SDGs as one of the key trends for universities in the coming year. Leading institutions are already starting to develop innovative ways to integrate and embed the SDGs

Darren Chadwick, Managing Partner at Brite Green said ‘The SDG Accord is an important step forward for the higher education sector and will help to foster a collaborative approach to embedding the goals in institutions across the world. Sustainability is a key strategic issue for universities and the SDGs present an opportunity for universities to think holistically about their impact. Brite Green are excited to join this important movement working to catalyse change.

The SDG Accord can be signed by institutions, support organisations and individual students, academics and operational staff.

Find out more about the SDG Accord and sign it here

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