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Luton Airport are hiring an Energy and Environment Manager

Luton Airport are hiring an Energy and Environment Manager

Luton Airport are looking for a great person to join their responsible business team. 

About the role
Brite Green works with Luton Airport on their responsible business strategy. The airport's responsible business strategy was updated in 2017 and the airport are recruiting for a new member of the team. 

The airport is recruiting for an Energy and Environment Manager.

London Luton Airport is looking for an experienced Energy and Environment Manager to play a critical role in our journey towards becoming a carbon neutral airport. You will have the opportunity to drive our energy and environmental performance to the next level, for example:

  • Lead the airport’s ambition to become carbon neutral by managing the purchasing and use of utilities including energy, water and waste
  • Transition the airport to 100% renewable electricity and explore options for generating on-site renewables, as well as contributing to other Responsible Business Strategy targets
  • Ensure continuing high standards of the ISO 14001 and 50001 management systems, as well as managing key utilities and environmental corporate reporting requirements

How to apply:
Applications are to be made through the LinkedIn jobs page. Follow the link  and send a CV (no more than 2 sides of A4) and a concise covering letter (300 words max).