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Ongoing Support

Brite Green provide an innovative outsourced service to organisations wanting to enhance their ability to manage sustainability issues. The service is fully flexible, from undertaking annual processes (e.g. internal audits or reporting support) through to a fully outsourced sustainability team.

We have developed a fully-flexible outsourced sustainability service to help organisations deliver their sustainability objectives in a cost-effective way. The service is ideal for organisations who: 

  • Don’t have sufficient resource available or need extra resource for a short time, 
  • Are missing particular specialist skills, or 
  • Want independent resource to undertake 2nd party audits

We are able to provide organisations with teams with the right skills and sector experience that meets their requirements. We can provide resource to deliver 

  • short-term projects, 
  • regular annual projects (e.g. audits or reporting),
  • or comprehensive support.

Short term projects

We can provide sustainability specialists for short-term projects without the additional costs of recruitment consultants. This might be to cover maternity leave or to deliver a one-off project.

Annual projects

We provide support for organisations to complete regular projects, such as internal audits for management systems or sustainability reports. Our support can free up time for in-house sustainability or CSR teams, plug a skills gap, or in the case of internal audits or assurance audits, provide independent 2nd party reviews.

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  • J Smart: Carbon reporting for Annual Report
  • Starcom Spark Foundry: ISO 14001 internal audit and compliance checks

Comprehensive support

We can provide organisations with comprehensive support to run sustainability programmes. 

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  • Spirent Communications Plc: Fully outsourced sustainability service
  • Saatchi & Saatchi: Ongoing environmental management system support

To learn more about how we can help you, get in touch with the team.

Management system services

  • Design and implement: implement a management system or gain recognition through certificationMaintain: undertake internal audits and compliance reviews to ensure your systems
  • Maintain: undertake internal audits and compliance reviews to ensure your systems stay up to date.
  • Transition: upgrade your EMS and QMS to meet the new 2015 standard requirementsManagement system software: leading management system software
  • Management system software: leading management system software tools
  • Beyond certification: add value through targeted continuous improvement