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Management Systems

Perform: Unlock value through targetted continuous improvements

Implementing a management system is the start and not the end of the journey towards sustainability. We specialise in helping companies use their management system to deliver enhanced business performance.

Brite Green specialise in helping companies to drive business improvement through good sustainability practices. We can help you to deliver a programme of continuous improvement focused on your key areas of impact, cost, risk and opportunity to improve your overall business performance.

What we do

We help companies deliver a focused programme of improvement that drives environmental and business performance. We can identify the right issues to focus on and create an effective programme that will reduce your environmental impacts and operational costs, as well as unlock any areas of opportunity and additional revenue streams. We can help improve both management issues and environmental and cost performance in a suite of services which include:

  • Business review: review of the business to determine the quality of existing management, areas of risk and opportunity
  • Targeted improvement programme: assess the various options for improvement and prioritise based on a rigorous business case
  • Technology assessment: review the potential technologies that are available to deliver improvement and prioritise based on the business cases for each option
  • Implement solutions: full implementation services that includes procuring and implementing appropriate technologies and services

To learn more about how we can help you to make the most of your management system, please get in touch with the team.

Management System Services

  • Design and implement: implement a management system or gain recognition through certificationMaintain: undertake internal audits and compliance reviews to ensure your systems
  • Maintain: undertake internal audits and compliance reviews to ensure your systems stay up to date.
  • Transition: upgrade your EMS and QMS to meet the new 2015 standard requirementsManagement system software: leading management system software
  • Management system software: leading management system software tools
  • Beyond certification: add value through targeted continuous improvement